Walks & Cycle Tracks

We've mapped out some of the walks and cycle rides you can do from the house. 


You can download these maps to your mobile device by clicking on the "share" icon on the top right hand side of the map. Send the map to your email address and access the link on your chosen device. If you have Google Maps installed on your device the map should load in the app (you may need to tell your device what to do if you are running Android).  

Before you leave:

  • Just please remember that these maps are intended as rough guides only - nothing replaces a map, a compas and common sense - we do not recommend using your mobile device alone to find your way.
  • Please check the weather before you leave, things change pretty quickly up here and it's a good idea to have something warm and waterproof with you.
  • Please remember to keep your dogs in sight, you may also see signs to keep your dogs on a lead in certain areas. This is to keep our sheep and those of our neighbors safe.


The "Grande Boucle" - Walk (11kms approximately)

This track will take you up to an antenna relay above the house. From there the trail takes you up to the highest point on our land known as "St Anne"; you will find some very old ruins of a church founded on the peak of the mountan as well as an incredible view of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Follow the trail down the other side of the mountain to the ruins of "Mas de Liserne" - an old farm house abandonned for the last 100 years. The structure of the farm house and annexes are relatively well preserved but please excercise caution when exploring this location! The trail then doubles back up to a road, this will take you back to the road leading to the antenna and back down to the house.


The River Walk - Walk (14km approximately)

This walk takes you down to a bridge crossing "La Lentilla" near Ballestavy. The river flows into a series of pools near the bridge; these pools are about waiste to shoulder hight and usually very cold but make for a refreshing stop before the climb back up. The spot is popular with local fishermen - the walk links up with a fisherman's trail which takes you further downstream from the bridge.

The walk starts at the house and leads to an antena relay up on a mountain ridge above the house. At the end of the drive take a right on the dirt road and follow this road all the way up. You will pass a house on your right and a gated dirt road also on your right, stick to the main road which will take you all the way up to the antena. Follow the road around the antena, it will start leading you down the other side of the mountain into another valley. The road zig-zags down a long way, and evenually leads to an abandonned mine (the mine has been abandonded for a long time and is not safe to explore). The path to the river breaks off from the main dirt road on the 3rd hairpin bend. You should see a small forest path leading gently down along the side of the mountain. This path will eventually lead you to the bridge over La Lentilla mentioned above.

Once you have finished with the water pools walk up the dirt path on the left after the bridge, this will take you up to a tarmac road. This road leads to Ballestavy if you turn right (there is a little cafe in the village) and Valmanya if you turn left. To head back up to the house take a left and walk along the road for about 2 kms until you reach the start of a dirt path on your left hand side. The road is quite narrow so please be careful. The path is clearly signposted but is also the first dirt path on your left as you walk up from the bridge. Follow this dirt path up to the "Col Palomere" mountain pass. Once you reach tarmac look for another dirt path on your left hand side, climbing up along the crest of the nearest hill. Follow this path along the mountain ridge until you reach the antena, from there you simply follow the same path down to the house.


The Canigou - Drive (62kms approximately

We have mapped out the drive up to "Refuge des Cortalets" and the walk from there up to the summit "Pic du Canigou". This map takes you up to the camping site just below the Refuge, which is the highest accessible point by car, leaving you about 4kms from the summit (about 1h30 walk up). The road is in a very bad condition at some points, particularly the final section before the camping site. We do not recommend driving all the way up to the camping site without a 4x4 or a high clearance vehicle. 

Depending on the weather you can stay in the designated camping site indicated on the map, or in one of the rooms at the Refuge des Cortalets (click here for booking info).