Hunting Hoidays

Can Tillet has 415 Hectares of private land where the "Droit de Chasse" has been under the control of the owners for over 20 years. This means that the local village hunters (ACCA) can only hunt on the land by invitation and the land is available for private hunting parties throughout the season. We offer the unique opportunity to discover the wildlife and terrain with experienced "chasseurs" then unwind over "apres chasse" drinks, enjoying the cameraderie, stories and recipes.

Hunters need only a temporary "Permis de Chasse" available from the local Federation in Perpignan. This can be arranged in advance on request.

The season for "Grand Gibier", Sanglier ( Sus scrofa ) and Chevreuil (Capreolus capreolus)  runs from around September to January if you are hunting in groups. The Deer hunting season if you are hunting solo is from  June to September.

Hunting for Deer and some other Grand Gibier is strictly controlled. We have a quota of permits that we can allocate to our guests. Contact us or link to FDC 66 for hunting seasons and permits.